Your Business, Verified

Building Trust through Transparency.

Code of Good Practice.

  1. VALUES AND COMMITMENTS – The Verified Service contractor shall strive to deliver person-
    centered, reliable, flexible, and affordable services that are easily accessible.
  2. LEGISLATION – The Verified Service contractor is accountable for complying with all current
    legislation pertaining to the services they offer.
  3. REGULATED ACTIVITIES – The Verified Service contractor must ensure that employees are
    suited for their roles, validating qualifications, conducting training, and ensuring the
    appropriate disclosure levels. The responsibility for employee suitability rests with the
  4. WRITTEN QUOTATION – All Verified Service contractors are expected to furnish written
    quotations on official letterheads, providing receipts for all completed work. Documents
    should be presented in a clear and jargon-free manner for client comprehension.
  5. WORKMANSHIP – Verified Service contractor commit to delivering competent workmanship
    aligned with the services outlined in their registration form. They agree to use suitable
    equipment, tools, and materials, promptly notifying clients of any encountered problems
    and providing truthful representations about products and services.
  6. CLIENT CONFIDENTIALITY – Strict confidentiality must be maintained, and client details
    should not be disclosed without explicit client consent. The onus of confidentiality lies with
    the Provider.
  7. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY – Verified Service contractors agree to visit clients by appointment
    only, making every effort to uphold scheduled appointments. Any changes to the agreed
    schedule should be communicated promptly to the client.
  8. QUALITY OF SERVICE – Verified Service contractors pledge to execute and complete jobs
    with due care and skill within agreed timescales. They agree to treat the client’s property
    with respect, seeking permission for facility usage.
  9. CHARGES/PAYMENT – Verified Service contractors shall refrain from requesting or accepting
    advance payments unless mutually agreed in writing between the Client and Provider. Call-
    out charges should be notified in advance, and charges must not exceed the agreed hourly
    rate. Prices, when quoted, should be inclusive of VAT for registered providers. Itemized bills
    should be provided upon request.
  10. CLEAN AND TIDY WORK AREA – Verified Service contractors will conduct work in a tidy and
    professional manner, paying attention to potential hazards. They commit to leaving the
    client’s home and garden clean and orderly, removing waste as agreed upon in the contract.
  11. HEALTH AND SAFETY – Work shall be carried out in accordance with current Health and
    Safety legislation, with the responsibility for compliance lying with the Provider.
  12. COMPLAINTS – Verified Service contractors are expected to promptly address and resolve all
  13. HANDLING MONEY – Verified Service contractors should encourage staff to wear photo ID
    badges, especially when collecting payments. Accurate records of transactions, signed by
    relevant parties, are to be maintained by the Provider.
  14. ENVIRONMENTAL – Verified Service contractors should be dedicated to minimizing the
    environmental impact of their activities. Legal disposal of waste and record-keeping is
    required. Chemicals must be disposed of safely, following current regulations.
  15. SUBCONTRACTORS – Verified Service contractors must inform clients if subcontractors are
    involved, ensuring controlled supervision by a competent person. The Provider bears
    responsibility for subcontractors, ensuring their awareness of and compliance with the Code
    of Good Practice. Any failure to meet requirements is the responsibility of the employing